StoryNight Boards and Stars

Dear StoryNighters


I hope you are keeping healthy and happy at this strange time in our lives.


We will, of course, be experiencing this crisis in a myriad of ways - some of you may be feeling loneliness and disorientation whilst for others the removal of social pressures may come as a sweet release!




I have not put StoryNight on-line yet. At the moment, I still feel that the connection between you, me, the teller and the story happens in that space, 99 Torriano Ave. Nudge me with an email if you feel it is time to shift my perspective!


Please get in touch with ideas, stories and cocktail recipes!

Or just to say 'Hello' and let me know how you're doing.

Please be my extra eyes and ears too - where and when are you getting your fix of storytelling?

Recommendations and reviews! I can put them up on Facebook and Instagram or that there Twiiter.


I send to all you story-lovers and lappers-up of traditional tales so much love, and heartfelt wishes for us all to come out safely into a new world on the other side of this testing time.

Xxs Nell