Lucy Lill StoryNight

Wed 14th Nov        Doors 7.30 / Stories start 8pm

£8/7 on the door incl warming cocktail

THE FLAMING QUEEN told by Lucy Lill

When a poor young woman stumbles into the gilded halls of luxury she can’t believe her luck.

Money, power and status: all hers for the taking…if she’ll do just one little thing.

Join Lucy Lill on a journey from poverty to power, via the hot sweat of the underworld as she asks:

What would you do for everything you’ve ever wanted?

Lucy Lill is a London-based performer. She’s told stories at The Wellcome Collection, Kew Gardens, Half Moon Young People’s Theatre,

Newbury Corn Exchange, Fireside Festival Art in Action Festival and others, as well as schools across London for

The Literacy Trust and The Latin Programme. She co-runs Story Jam, a regular storytelling night for adults.


Listening to Lucy Lill is like a cool glass of water on a hot hot day.

Her stories are clear and lucid, and whilst her insights are profound, she wears her learning lightly she is witty and funny, equally at home in Greek Myths or Alaskan folk tales. - Sarah Rundle

A masterclass in how storytelling can break your heart and stitch the pieces back together in a new shape. - Stephe Harrop, The Juniper Tree


Wed 12th Dec       Doors 7.30 / Stories start 8pm

StoryNight Christmas Barnstormer

£8/7 on the door

Clare Murphy tells... details to follow!


 StoryNight is Every second Wednesday of the month (barring August when we all go and play in a field)